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Apply now and get NISS during 14 days!

Only two documents are required:

International Passport Example

International passport or EU citizen ID card

Scan-copy of the document must contain the signature of holder, both 2 pages on one picture and all 4 corners of passport visible, no fingers, no shadows or blur.

NIF Portugal example


Scan-copy of your NIF (número de contribuinte) all 4 corners of document visible, no fingers, no shadows or blur. This must be an Official document issued by the Portuguese Tax Office and must contain both pages (front and back).

You will receive your NISS in PDF format on your email.
Upon request, we can send you the original by mail or courier service (for an additional fee).

After filling the form and making the payment we send the 2 forms and Power of Attorney on your email which you will need to fill and sign. (Signature obligatory must match with signature in provided documents)

Please, note that the process can be started only after you provide signed Power of Attorney and all required documents.

Deadlines counts only by working days, excluding weekends and official Portuguese holidays.

If one of the obligatory points is missing, the Social Security office can reject your documents.