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Individual tax number NIF

Получение NIF в Португалии

NIF is an individual tax number used for tax purposes in Portugal, namely for the payment of taxes on large purchases (for example, the purchase of real estate in Portugal), as well as the official conduct of other activities in Portuguese territory.

Take advantage of our online service and get NIF in just a few days.

All you need is a passport and proof of address.

A Portuguese Tax Identification Number (NIF) is required for various transactions in Portugal, including the following:

  • Opening a bank account in Portugal;
  • Obtaining any type of loan in Portugal, including mortgages Buying and selling real estate in Portugal;
  • Paying taxes in Portugal. Earning income from work or business in Portugal;
  • Receiving social benefits in Portugal;
  • Inheritance of property and money under a will;
  • Education in Portugal;
  • Registration of health insurance in Portugal. Registration of an agreement for the provision of utilities or telecommunications services in Portugal, as well as the conclusion of an agreement for the use of mobile communications;
  • Buying a car or applying for a driving license in Portugal;

Documents for obtaining a tax number in Portugal (NIF)

Anyone can get a NIF tax number in Portugal.

If you do not live (permanently) in Portugal, you need a tax representative (representante fiscal), who must be a citizen of Portugal or be its legal resident.

The tax representative will take legal responsibility for communication between the tax service and you, as well as other obligations.

For those who live in Portugal and can prove their address of residence, a tax representative is not required to obtain NIF.

To obtain NIF you will need to apply to the Portuguese Tax Authorities

List of documents required to obtain a NIF tax number in Portugal:

  • Photo ID (Passport) or a scanned, signed copy if applied through a lawyer or representative in Portugal.
  • Proof of your home address in the country of residence (an official document issued by the local authority or a bank statement, as well as an invoice indicating your address) with translation into Portuguese.
  • A power of attorney for a tax representative that gives permission to act on your behalf. (into Portuguese)
  • Aceitação da representação document signed by the representative – that the representative agrees to be your legal tax representative.
  • Representative ID

Get NIF online

Take advantage of our online service and get NIF in just a few days.

All you need is a passport and proof of address.

Contact a specialist on the issue of obtaining NIF, tax residency in Portugal