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Investment in real estate in Portugal

Portugal is one of the top ten European countries for real estate investment.

The main reasons for the great interest of investors in Portugal are the taxation system and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit when buying real estate.

Portugal has a special tax status (Residente Não Habitual) for foreign residents who have not previously lived in Portugal and have not had its residence permit for the last five years.

Income received by the holder of such status in Portugal is subject to income tax at a rate of 20%, and income received from labor and business activities outside Portugal, as well as pension income, are completely exempt from taxes.

NHR tax status is granted for 10 years. Participants of the investment programs “GOLDEN VISA” can apply for this status

Investment in real estate is one of the forms, but, in fact, one of the most reliable and profitable ways to invest abroad

There are two options for investing in real estate:

Investment 500 thousand euros

Under this program, the client can purchase any property in Portugal. No category restrictions. It can be land, commercial or residential real estate.
In the case of an investment in so-called areas with low population density (with a population density of less than 100 people per square kilometer or with a GDP per capita of less than 75% of the national average), the investor is granted a discount of 20% on the minimum investment for obtaining a Golden Visa, that is, you can purchase real estate from 400 thousand euros.

Investment 350 thousand euros

Under this program, the client can purchase real estate in the urban rehabilitation zone, with the condition that he undertakes to invest in the renovation of this property. In total, the funds spent on the purchase and renovation work must be at least 350 thousand euros. As in the previous paragraph, there is the same program with a 20% discount in areas with low population density. In these areas, obtaining a “Golden Visa” is possible with an investment of at least 280 thousand euros in real estate and subsequent work on its renovation.

It is important to know that the entire amount for obtaining a Golden Visa must be paid from the Applicant's personal account without a mortgage.


Requirements at the level of the law of Portugal for applying for the “Golden Visa”:

  • Applicants must not be a citizen of any EU country.
  • Applicants must not have been convicted of an offense punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.
  • Applicants must not be prohibited from entering the national territory and/or the Schengen area at the time of issuing the Golden Visa.

List of documents when applying for the Golden Visa program:

  • Investment confirmation.
  • Passport or other valid identity document.
  • Police clearance certificate in the country of origin and from other countries of residence of the investor for the last 5 years.
  • The tax number of the country where the investor is tax resident.
  • Tax number in Portugal (NIF)

Rights and obligations

An investor with a golden visa has the right to:

  • Apply for citizenship in Portugal by fulfilling the legal requirements and conditions of that country.
  • Travel within the Schengen area without a visa.
  • Have a legal job and/or conduct business in Portugal.
    Rent out your own property in Portugal.
  • Apply for a residence permit for the whole family.
  • Have public health insurance.
  • Have access to education for yourself or your family members in public and private educational institutions.


An investor with a golden visa must:

  • Spend at least 14 days in the country in each two-year Golden Visa period.
  • Maintain investment activity for 5 years.

Regardless of the choice of investment object, our consultants will always help at all stages, from choosing an investment object to concluding a deal

Consultation. Introduction to the market

The initial consultation is important for getting to know the real estate market in Portugal. Nuances, rules and restrictions, as well as for drawing up a plan and identifying real estate


Selection of real estate objects

Our experts will select for you the best offer for your budget

We work only with verified agents and objects



Obtaining a taxpayer identification number

Opening an account at a local bank


  Preliminary agreement

Conclusion of a preliminary contract of sale

Certification of the contract by a notary

Deposit of 10–30% of the property value

Payment of municipal taxes


 Preparation of documents

Checking the property for cleanliness and availability of all permits

Preparation of the main contract and related documents


Main contract

conclusion of the main contract

payment of the remaining amount of the transaction



Registration of an object in the cadastral department

obtaining documents on the right of ownership


  • Property acquisition tax. It is paid once, upon purchase, and is calculated according to the formula that takes into account the purchase amount and the amount of the cadastral valuation. This tax is 3-5% of the higher of the two amounts.
  • The stamp duty on purchase is 0.8% of the highest amount (specified above).
  • Lawyer services range from 7.5 thousand euros (per applicant) to 15 thousand euros (for 4 applicants) and depends on the number of family members applying for the Golden Visa.
  • Government fees.
Fees for immigration authorities in Portugal
Type Investor Family member
Analysis of the first application €533.90 €83.30
First Application Approval Fee €5,336.40 €5,336.40
Analysis of each update request €533.90 €83.30
Approval fee for each renewal application €2,668.20 €2,668.20
Commission for a residence permit card €8.70 €8.70
This data is updated annually in the month of March, therefore it is important to request valid information at the time of applying for a Golden Visa.

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